Smart Spending

At-large Cary Town Council candidate Ken George will ensure that as Cary continues to thrive in the coming years, the council will employ smart growth policies that support needed infrastructure and its maintenance. By prioritizing vital programs and budgeting tax dollars, Ken will help our community steadily move forward and ensure all parts of Cary receive equitable benefits of our town’s success.

Keeping Cary Green

Cary has always valued intentional growth and green policies that help make the community a family-friendly, outdoor accessible town. Within months of moving to Cary, the first Greenway in Cary opened a few hundred yards of Ken’s home. His vision supports putting a priority on Greenway expansion, stormwater management, green energy, and tree canopy protection that can tap into the sense of community and volunteerism and continue the spirit of accessibility and friendliness that Cary is proud to represent.

Working With Our Neighbors

Ken knows that Cary is not isolated in a bubble – especially as this year’s pandemic and civil unrest has impacted every community, state and country in the world. As part of the rapidly growing Research Triangle Park region, and specifically in Wake County, we share our community with other growing cities and towns. Cary is a leader in this larger community and continues to enhance the region with thoughtful policies that focus on its citizens but also influence its larger regional role.

Join Our Campaign

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