Ken George for Cary

“We can’t move Cary forward if we don’t work together.”

As a lifetime Wake county citizen, Ken George grew up attending local Cary schools- in a community where he would later raise his children. After living in the area for over 33 years, Ken George proudly calls Cary his home. He knows this town, has its values at heart and always has its future in mind. 

Ken George is running for at-large Cary Town Council and together, we can move cary forward, towards a future of growth- while honoring what makes our town unique.

Ken George knows we can’t grow without addressing what’s important to us all: our parks, outdoor spaces, and abundance of trees. Protecting and enhancing these resources is a top priority for Ken.

Ken will prioritize…

More affordable housing options

A greener Cary; more parks, greenways and tree canopy protection

Better stormwater management

If You Want Someone Who Will Always Put People Over Politics, Don’t Forget to Vote For Ken George on May 17th

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