Ken George Announces Bid for At-Large Cary Town Council Seat

Long-time Cary resident, and previous Cary Town Council member, Ken George is running for Cary Town Council

CARY, NC– Ken George, a Wake County native, announced his campaign for the district-wide Cary town council seat. George previously served in District D. All Cary citizens will be eligible to vote in his at-large race during the next municipal election. 

George attended Cary Elementary, Cary Junior High and Cary High School. His six children followed in his footsteps, and some of his grandchildren have attended Cary Elementary as well. George described his long-time relationship with Cary and the passion he holds for the town, emphasizing historic preservation while encouraging positive town growth. 

“I watched Cary evolve from a one stoplight town – to what it is today,” said George. “Bearing witness to these changes reminds me of just how important growth is in a community while still prioritizing the preservation of Cary’s history and charm.” 

George’s wife and family will be joining him at the Cary Tree Archive later today to announce his campaign bid on Earth Day. The timing was intentional: to align his campaign with Cary’s need for environmental preservation alongside balanced growth. 

“I decided to kick off my campaign on Earth Day for a reason,” said George. “A key part of my platform and a concern amongst Cary citizens, is the loss of trees out in the west and flooding in older parts of Cary. My campaign will prioritize the importance of nature, stormwater control, parks and greenways to our community, while keeping our town moving forward in a balanced way.” 

As a native of Wake County and long-time Cary resident, George describes himself as Cary’s “past, present and future”- and plans to implement this mantra in all levels of his campaign. 

“Preserving and bettering Cary for future generations,” said George. “I am eager to continue this journey.” 

About Ken George

Ken George is a past Cary Town Council member, past President of Cary Central Rotary Club, and a life-long of other leadership roles in Cary. George’s current campaign for Cary Town Council prioritizes Cary’s green areas, future growth and infrastructure needs while keeping a balanced budget for all of Cary’s citizens. To learn more about Ken George’s campaign, visit or follow the campaign social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ElectKennyG.